LIFE HACK My two-second trick will half the drying time on...

My two-second trick will half the drying time on your clothes & save you money, it’s simple but it works


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A CONTENT creator has shared a two-second trick to dry your clothes two times faster.

It’s super simple, but it works and will save you money.


A content creator shared the easiest way to dry your clothes quickerCredit: TikTok/the.cosyclub
It takes seconds to do and is so easy, anyone can do it


It takes seconds to do and is so easy, anyone can do itCredit: TikTok/the.cosyclub

TikToker The Cosby Club (@the.cosyclub) shares life hacks on their account, including a post about drying wet clothes faster.

“Watch this if you want to dry clothes two times faster. Chuck in a towel. Easy,” they captioned the video.

“Simple but works,” they added.

The video starts with the dryer tumbling wet clothes.

One of the TikTok account owners added a dry towel.

According to professional cleaner Laura Avila, the hack works in real life.

“The towel absorbs some of the moisture from the wet clothes, which reduces the overall drying time,” Avila told Homes and Gardens.

A dry towel creates more air space in the dryer, which allows “hot air to circulate more freely,” she added.

Ultimately, the water that the dryer has to remove is reduced, so the clothes dry quicker, Avila told Homes and Gardens.

On average clothes take 45 minutes to dry in the machine, though it depends on the cycle, per Whirlpool.

Other than adding a dry towel, there are other ways to speed up the process, as outlined by Whirlpool.

One way is to make sure the lint screen is cleaned.

It can be scraped with your fingers after every load and thoroughly cleaned every six months.

The interior and exterior of the vent also need to be cleaned. You can use a vacuum with an attachable hose or brush to remove the lint.

Whirlpool also advised not to overload the dryer, and use dryer balls. They stop the clothes from clumping up.

Though dryer sheets don’t speed up the process, they stop static from forming and can make your clothes soft and smell pleasant.

Of course, using your dryer less will save you money in the long run.

Adding a dry towel to a load of wet laundry will dry the clothes quicker


Adding a dry towel to a load of wet laundry will dry the clothes quickerCredit: TikTok/the.cosyclub


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