LIFE HACK TJ, Bee & Roland On Their Eliminations And Dorm...

TJ, Bee & Roland On Their Eliminations And Dorm Life Hacks


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Warning: SPOILERS for Squid Game: The Challenge episodes 1-9


  • Squid Game: The Challenge is a social experiment with surprising displays of camaraderie and heartbreaking choices.
  • Memorable contestants TJ, Bee, and Roland made a significant impact before being eliminated, with each having their own unique contributions.
  • The dorm life hacks in Squid Game: The Challenge included using underwear as a sleep mask and turning socks and underwear into a soccer ball and volleyball.

Squid Game: The Challenge dropped 456 contestants into a faithful recreation of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s shocking Netflix series. While the drama series was rife with social commentary, Squid Game: The Challenge comes off more as a social experiment, boasting surprising displays of camaraderie, well-timed stabs in the back, and a slew of heartbreaking choices. Still, with strong casting, impressive production design, and twists and turns that complicate social dynamics around every corner, Squid Game: The Challenge aims to captivate fans of the show and the reality TV faithful alike.

Three of the most memorable contestants on Squid Game: The Challenge were TJ, Bee, and Roland, all of whom made a sizable impact on the game before eventually being eliminated. Even if contestants didn’t fall from the Glass Bridge, TJ’s elimination on that stage was a painful one given the player’s popularity and leadership acumen. Bee won viewers over thanks to her strategic prowess in Warships, only to eliminate herself later with a roll of the die, and Roland’s surprise elimination at the hands of Mai was even sadder given the player’s prior work to ensure honorable gameplay.


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Screen Rant interviewed Roland, Bee, and TJ about their eliminations and tips on surviving the Squid Game: The Challenge dorms.

Roland, Bee & TJ Talk Squid Game: The Challenge

TJ: I love Screen Rant!

Screen Rant: Really?

TJ: When I saw [I was in] an article on Screen Rant, I felt like I made it. I was like, “I’m done.”

Well, you’re about to get another one. I actually want to start with you. I feel like you had such a great leadership role on the show. It seemed like you had a lot of moments to be proud of, [but it] might have also contributed to your demise. What is your proudest moment as a leader in Squid Game: The Challenge?

TJ: I’d say inspiring my lieutenant in Warships, because she was very quiet [and] she was very humble. I literally asked her, [and said], “Hey, you take the reins.” She said, “Really?” [I was like,] “Yes. Take the reins. I trust you. They trust you. Let’s do it.” I think that her notoriety doesn’t get enough attention. She was the reason why we won. She was the reason why we won Warships, and why we didn’t lose anyone. That was my proudest moment.

Bee, I want to ask about Warships, but first, I want to say I found your elimination the most relatable. I feel like that’s what I would have done.

Bee: Thank you so much. My friends texted me, like, “That’s the most Bee thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” and I was like, “Yeah.”

I would have been there too, so I appreciated it. I loved your interviews during Warships because you were just listing esoteric facts about the game. Did you study these kinds of games when you knew you were going on the show? Did you do prep, or did you just know that?

Bee: No, I did absolutely no prep when I went. I felt like an idiot, because when I got into the dorms, they were like, “Yeah, I’ve been practicing Red Light Green Light, I got cookies. What have you been doing?” I was like, “Napping.”

My knowledge wasn’t necessarily specific to Warships. It was about board games as a whole and strategy games as a whole. It’s important to know that Warships is very luck-based, and also, we were playing a human-sized version, so all rules go out the window. Also, you lose when only two boats go out, and not your whole board. So, it had a lot of luck to it as well, but I’m glad that the things I did know came in handy. My lieutenant also made some great calls Amanda; 019.

Roland, it hurt to watch you go, the way that it went. We didn’t really see your reaction when you found out who was behind it, so what was it like to find that out? How did you feel?

Roland: So, I found out on the airplane to LA yesterday morning, and I was pretty salty.

What do you say when you see Mai after that?

Roland: I actually just saw her a minute ago, and I was joking around with her a little bit, but we’re good.

I just found out that in the dorms in Squid Game: The Challenge, people were using condoms as moisturizer.

Bee: Did you see my post on that? Is that how you found out?

I actually did. Thank you for that.

Bee: No problem.

But now I have to ask all of you: what are your dorm life hacks for Squid Game: The Challenge?

Bee: Not that, by the way.

TJ: Not that.

Roland: Avoid that at all costs.

Bee: I did not personally indulge, but that’s not moisturizer, so don’t do it. Do you know what was great? People were using underwear as a sleep mask to block out the studio lights. I did that towards the end, and it was genius.

Roland: I think the biggest life hack was Jinwoo turning all the socks and underwear into a soccer ball and volleyball. At one point, we got all the contestants to share their sweatshirts, and we tied them all together and strung them across the entire dorm to make a volleyball net. We played a full game of volleyball in the dorm with everybody. It was sick.

TJ: I would say using your pants as a pillow, as a second pillow, because the pillows were flat. And I’m big, so I had to sleep diagonally on the bed. My feet were hanging off the bed and I had to sleep diagonally, so I used my pants as a second pillow and slept like a baby. Like a trauma-filled baby, but a baby nonetheless.

About Squid Game: The Challenge

456 real players will enter the competition show in pursuit of a life-changing reward of USD $4.56 million. As they compete through a series of games inspired by the original show – plus surprising new additions – their strategies, alliances, and character will be put to the test while competitors are eliminated around them.

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The Squid Game: The Challenge finale hits Netflix on December 6th.

Source: Screen Rant Plus


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