KOREA NEWS This Monochrome Cafe In South Korea Looks Like A...

This Monochrome Cafe In South Korea Looks Like A Comic Book


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Nestled in Seoul’s Mapu-gu District, this cafe has become a magnet for coffee lovers

Greem Cafe in Seoul, South Korea will transport you into a two-dimensional world inspired by the hit Korean animated Web series W. Every detail, from walls, counters, furniture, and even cutlery is crafted to look like two-dimensional drawings coming to life, Architectural Digest reported. 

Nestled in Seoul’s Mapu-gu District, this cafe has become a magnet for coffee lovers and those seeking a unique experience. Unsurprisingly, it has also become a favourite among photographers.

A video of the cafe is currently going viral on the internet. Posted by Science Girl on X, the caption reads, “There is a cafe in South Korea where everything is monochrome and like a drawing, making you feel like you are in a storybook. It’s called Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20”

See the video here:

The cafe’s name Greem, comes from a Korean word which means a cartoon or a painting. According to Architectural Digest, it is also sometimes called Cafe Yeonnam-Dong 223-14, which is simply the cafe’s street address.

The video has amassed over 15.5 million views on X and an array of comments. A user wrote, “I haven’t been there myself, but there’s an article saying that this cafe, has gained more popularity among foreigners and has even secured franchise deals abroad.”

Another user wrote, “It is known for its creative cartoon and comic book-themed interior design. The walls are covered in hand-painted murals of cartoon characters, giving customers the feeling of being inside a 2D comic book world.”

“I need to make time to go there,” the third user wrote. 

“That’s pretty cool,” the fourth user wrote on X.

“I love this I’ve never been there hopefully someday I’ll make the trip,” the fifth user wrote. 

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