LIFE HACK Oprah swears by this $20 hack for a good...

Oprah swears by this $20 hack for a good night’s sleep |


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Redecorating your bedroom in relaxing colors, bringing in light-blocking curtains, installing a lavender diffuser, and buying an ultra-comfortable mattress are all ways to ensure a better night’s sleep. However, Oprah Winfrey recommends an even easier, and more affordable product for achieving better sleep: a weighted silk eye mask. 

Before rearranging all of your bedroom decor, consider if a lower price-point option like this could work for you. Oprah says, ‘Sleeping with a mask is life-changing—I cannot tell you how much the quality of my sleep has improved! This weighted 100 percent silk one stays down and doesn’t let even a pinch of light in.’ Could a weighted mask improve your sleep? It might depend on which one.


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