LIFE HACK My ‘burrito roll’ comforter making hack will save your...

My ‘burrito roll’ comforter making hack will save your time and your sanity, people say it’s ‘life changing’


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A CLEANING supremo’s “burrito roll” comforter-making hack, has brought relief to many.

The days of drama duvet could be dated if this tip catches on.


TikTok user Stephanie Booth Home has shared a clever duvet hackCredit: TIKTOK/stephanieboothhome
Her burrito roll hack could mean an end to duvet struggles


Her burrito roll hack could mean an end to duvet strugglesCredit: TIKTOK/stephanieboothhome

It will save you time, headaches, exasperation, and, in all probability, your sanity.

One commenter was so impressed that they described it as a game changer.

“Three duvet covers to put on not done because I dread the struggle,” they said in a scenario many could relate to.

“Saw this and it made me stop procrastinating and give it a try. It works. Life changing.”

The burrito trick came from Stephanie Booth Home (@stephanieboothhome).

She has 296,000 followers on TikTok where she shares her love of “organization and cleaning hacks.”

But this hack was a banger and followers loved it: “Bed-making hack for quickly and easily getting your down comforter inside your duvet cover,” she promised.

“This duvet cover hack is going to save you time and your sanity,” she declared.

Then she got to worked and described just what duvet drama involved.

“Turn your duvet cover inside out top side down with the opening at the foot of your bed.”

So far, so good: “Place your comforter on top and secure all four corners to the duvet cover.”

The next stage was the burrito stage: “Starting at the head of your bed, burrito roll evenly towards the food of the bed, ending with the duvet opening face up.

Stephanie carefully explained the process


Stephanie carefully explained the processCredit: TIKTOK/stephanieboothhome

“Next fold the opening of your duvet over each end of the roll, and then close up the opening of your duvet cover.”

The job was very nearly complete and there had not been a melt down.

“Then unroll the comforter back towards the head of your bed.

“Now your duvet is right side up and your sanity is intact.”

Commenters were amazed this chore could be done so easily.

One person said: “You’re joking? I literally just put on our duvet cover 30 minutes ago and it was a real struggle. Then I see this video.”

It was a similar tale from this viewer: “I did not know this and it just saved me a 30-minute struggle.”

But at least one person knew of it: “Old news. I’ve been doing this for the last ten years.”

It made changing bed linen suddenly a whole lot easier


It made changing bed linen suddenly a whole lot easierCredit: TIKTOK/stephanieboothhome
A duvet changed with no drama


A duvet changed with no dramaCredit: TIKTOK/stephanieboothhome


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