K-MOVIE Love Like a K-drama Episodes 1-4: Couples and stories...

Love Like a K-drama Episodes 1-4: Couples and stories explained


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Move aside Single’s Inferno. Netflix’s Love Like a K-drama debuted a tantalizing new dating series as Japanese and Korean actors form couples to audition for episodic roles until landing leads in a K-drama.

Add a bit of high-stakes drama and fans are in for a treat. Love Like a K-drama takes four Japanese female actors and four Korean male actors in the bidding to land leading roles in a real K-drama. The contestants will live together in Seoul and create pairs. The pairs will then audition for each episode hoping to star in it.

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Love Like a K-drama’s rules are fairly simple, but will create needed rift and drama among the contestants. The first four episodes have already created turmoil among the actors as some have already developed feelings for their initial partner.

To add to the drama, the storylines for each episode’s audition range from love triangles, heated romance, and a K-drama favorite – kiss scenes. Here’s a breakdown of the pairs so far and the episode storylines. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Love Like a K-drama Episode 1


During the initial meet and greet, the first couples were made. The female contestants first met Kim Won-shik with three of the female contestants showing interest in being paired with him. But Won-shik decided on Honoka Kitahara.

At the second cafe location, the remaining three met Song Ji-hyuk. Initially, none of the women showed great interest until Rio Yamashita made the decision to be paired with him. Next to a highway bridge, Ayano Kudo and Nozomi Bando met Lee Tae-gyun. Both showed their interest in him, with Tae-gyun picking Ayano. With only two contestants left, Nozomi and Kim Dong-kyu were paired together.

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For the Episode 1 audition, the storyline involved a lot of tears and a kiss. Ultimately Rio and Kin-hyuk did the best out of the other couples and won to lead the first episode.

Titled “The Last Goodbye,” the storyline focused on an engaged couple who were excited about their future. Rio starred as Aoi, a Japanese exchange student, and Min Woo, played by Ji-hyuk. He fell for Aoi at first glance. Aoi was set to go on a trip without Min Woo despite his insistence on going. He gets the tragic news of her passing and they both deal with the emotional turmoil and saying goodbye.

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Love Like a K-drama Episode 2

Honoka and Tae-gyun in Love Like a K-drama Episode 3Netflix

The dating series threw in a curveball. Per the rules, the couples had to be changed but at the decision of the male contestants. Both Ji-hyuk and Tae-gyun wanted to pair with Rio. Ji-hyuk explained he had grown fond of Rio and wanted to explore more with her. But Tae-gyun said he couldn’t explain why he was interested in her.

Unable to come to a decision, Won-shik and Dong-gyun decided for them. They both agreed Tae-gyun needed to have a chance at getting to know Rio. For Love Like a K-drama Episode 2, the couples were Tae-gyun and Rio, Won-shik and Honoka, Dong-kyun and Nozomi, Tae-gyun and Rio, and Ji-hyuk and Ayano.

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The storyline for Episode 2 would further cause some turmoil as it is a love triangle. They were once again judged by an industry professor with Honoka and Won-shik having passed the audition. But seeing as it’s a love triangle, Honoka had to choose another male lead. She chose Tae-gyun.

“She is the One’ has two men fall in love with the same woman with the female lead sharing a kiss with both that shakes her to the core. Honoka stars as Nana working in Korea as a Japanese interpreter. Won-shik plays the role of Byeong Gwan, Nana’s boyfriend and chaebol heir.

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Sang Gu is played by Tae-gyun, someone who has had a secret crush on Nana for a long time. Nana learns that Byeong Gwan wants to break up. While sitting in the rain, Sang Gu comes to her rescue and takes her home. In the heat of his apartment, they share a kiss. Unknown to her, Byeong Gwan is truly in love with her and is trying to protect her. After realizing her love for him, she finds him fishing and they share a kiss.

Love Like a K-drama Episode 3

Dong-kyu and Nozomi in Love Like a K-drama Episode 4Netflix

After Episode 2, Honoka broke the news to Won-shik that she would choose someone else for the next round. In a twist, Love Like a K-drama leaves the couple’s decision to the women. The male contestants each drew an item they would like to receive as a gift. Each female contestant must choose who they want to be partnered with, run to buy the item, and get back in time to be the first to give it to them.

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Both Rio and Nozomi chose Dong-kyu and his flower. But only Nozomi got back in time. Meanwhile, Honoka and Ayano chose Tae-gyun’s headphones. Again, only one made it just in time to be first with Ayano being paired with him.

Rio and Honoka didn’t get their picks and must make a choice between Won-shik and Ji-hyun. Ultimately Honoka bought a T-shirt for Ji-hyun, pairing them together. Rio was left buying a keychain for Won-shik, forcing them to be paired together for Episode 3.

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For the auditions, the couples were judged by two industry professionals and acting students. The storyline was about a female painter and a man in special circumstances. Their love blossoms with an unexpected kiss. By the end of the audition, Ayano and Tae-gyun won to star in Episode 3.

Love Like a K-drama will air weekly on Tuesday on Netflix.

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