K-POP K-pop group EVNNE on their hope to shine brighter...

K-pop group EVNNE on their hope to shine brighter after debuting


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In recent years, there have been a number of fresh new faces looking to make it big in the competitive yet booming world of K-pop. The newest kid on the block is EVNNE. What makes them different? Well, the septet is armed with a wealth of experience from their time in music survival shows. But particularly, the popular Boys Planet. So, long before their official debut, eyes were already on members Keita, Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Yoo Seungeon, Ji Yunseo, Mun Junghyun, and Park Jisoo. Now, as one, everyone’s just waiting for them to shine brighter.

Their name, EVNNE, stands for “Evening’s Newest Étoiles” which perfectly encapsulates their wishes as a group. The starry debut is marked with the release of their mini-album, ‘Target: Me’ where they showcase contrasting sides. On one hand, they have an ambitious and wild side and on the other, they’re also not afraid to show their boyish and humble personalities.

Their intense desire and passion can be felt (heard, rather) through the six tracks, each with its own statement and distinct sound. The group takes pride in not only being a ‘triple threat’ but versatile all-rounders. Singing, dancing, writing lyrics, and total performers, EVNNE hopes to leave a lasting mark—as stars that you can still see, even if time passes.

Fresh off their debut, Lifestyle Asia sat down with EVNNE for an exclusive interview. The group gave us the low down on their debut release, their individual charms and group dynamics, and their future aspirations.

Image credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

EVNNE shares more about their mini-album ‘Target: Me’

What’s the concept behind your debut mini-album?

EVNNE: Our first mini-album symbolises our intention to become the target that the public desires. We’ve divided it into two concepts: one that boldly moves forward, captivating everyone’s attention. And another that embodies a friendly and comfortable concept as friends and peers. We hope you give lots of love to this album!

You also participated in writing the songs, can you tell us more about that process?

JI YUNSEO: We were given a great opportunity to write the lyrics for the B-side track, ‘Juxebox’. The track represents our group and the people who enjoy dancing while listening to a jukebox, which symbolises our fans. Whenever times get tough, we hope that our fans can find joy by briefly turning away from the tough reality and finding happiness while listening to our songs. We wrote the lyrics with the hope that we could convey these feelings.

KEITA: The song ‘Even More’ expresses our feelings towards our fans who have continuously loved and supported us even before we came together as an official group. We believe that we were able to debut and start this journey because of the fans. Whether it’s during the airing of Boys Planet, after it ended, when we came together as EVNNE, or until now, our fans have been the driving force, supporting us and allowing us to shine. This is the sentiment behind the lyrics.

Your song ‘Trouble’ expresses your passion for shaking up the world. Why did you choose this as the title track?

EVNNE: We picked ‘Trouble’ after having discussions with the company. We chose it because it’s a highly addictive song that we believe can represent EVNNE well. It embodies a charismatic mischief that longs to change the world. As a song that represents our determination and commitment, we aim to captivate the world with our infinite charm moving forward.

‘Role Model’ describes becoming role models to each other. Who do you look up to the most?

PARK HANBIN: For me, it’s WOODZ. From the time he appeared on the survival program, he had a distinct identity and a clear direction in his music. I truly admire him, and I would love to work with him one day.

LEE JEONGHYEON: I personally look up to PENOMECO and DEAN. Whether it’s rapping or singing, they create their own unique style.

‘Juxebox’ is all about enjoying the moment. What has been the most memorable part of your journey so far?

MUN JUNGHYUN: Perhaps all the members share the same sentiment, but every activity we do with our fans remains memorable. Watching our performances and cheering us on, attending fan signing events, and all the moments where fans engage with us and share heartwarming stories are the happiest times for us.

evnne interview k-pop
Image credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

EVNNE on their individual charms and group dynamics

Keita, you’ve had prior experiences in the music industry. Do you think that helps you as the leader of the group?

Since I had experience with jacket photo and music video shoots more than other members, other members would ask me about how to look cooler or how they could be captured beautifully during shoots. Every time they asked, I shared the experiences I had. And the members followed along well which I think was very helpful for all of us. Moreover, we have great team chemistry since all of us get along very well. Everyone’s passion and curiosity towards music are remarkable, making the atmosphere enjoyable. We laugh together a lot so I don’t think there are any difficult aspects.

Jeonghyeon, you like making rap lyrics. Where do you get inspiration from?

I tend to incorporate a lot of my own personal stories, so I write lyrics by capturing the emotions I feel while living my life rather than drawing inspiration from external sources.

Seungeon, you graduated with a degree in Applied Music. At what point did you decide you wanted to become a performer?

I started to like singing when I was in the second grade of elementary school after listening to Huh Gak’s song “Hello.” Since then, singing has become my hobby, and eventually, I developed a dream of becoming a singer. Now that I’ve achieved that dream, I hope to bring comfort and happiness to many people with my voice.

Junghyun, what’s the best thing about being part of EVNNE?

My favourite part of EVNNE is our great energy and vibe. All members are very energetic, which creates positive teamwork and chemistry for us. In addition, whenever we hear ENNVE’s sincere cheer for us on the stage, it brings me great joy to be a member of the group.

Yunseo, you mentioned that you always wanted to be part of the creative process and write lyrics for an album. Was the experience like what you imagined it would go?

Participating in the actual creative process was not too different from what I had been dreaming and imagining. I’ve always wished to write lyrics and participate in the creative process since I was a trainee. I held on to the belief that such an opportunity would come one day. So, I kept working on lyric writing and composing. In the end, I didn’t really find much difference when I got to the actual process.

The only thing that felt a bit different was the fact that I was working on a song that would be included in our album. The sense of achievement to finally face the moment I’ve always dreamed of was unexpected and surprising. Plus, I enjoy the teamwork with my members whom I can work with and write our stories with. I was very happy and grateful to be able to participate in our debut album. I will continue working hard to show my growth by being more involved in future albums.

Jihoo, what were your first impressions of your fellow members?

When we gathered together as a team for the first time, I initially thought all members had great physiques. On the other hand, I got to witness their cute sides as well. This made me think that it would be very fun to be in a team with these members.

Hanbin, what do you keep in mind when you guys are practising or preparing for a performance?

The most important things for me are the intro and outro of the choreography. In order for all seven of us to synchronise, we have to be on the same beat and timing. To achieve that, we all have to start and end the choreography at the same time.

evnne interview k-pop
Image credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

EVNNE looks to the past, present, and future

How has your experience in Boys Planet helped you as a group?

EVNNE: Through the survival program Boys Planet, we experienced things we would never have experienced otherwise. We had the opportunity to perform on the stage that was seen by countless people. Above all, thanks to the masters who taught us and provided us with valuable advice, we learned a lot. It is through these experiences and foundations that we believe EVNNE was able to debut.

More than just being performers, how do you see your role as artists in the industry?

EVNNE: We hope that all our members can continue to grow as versatile all-rounder artists. We have many members who excel not only in performance but also in vocals. At the same time, we have members who excel in songwriting and composition. We aspire to be a group that provides positive energy by actively participating in various fields and showcasing our talents.

What are you looking forward to doing next?

EVNNE: We are really looking forward to the fan meetings happening in Korea and Japan in November! We are curious about the memories we will create with the fans who come to the venue, and we are also excited to showcase new sides of ourselves to the fans. We’re eagerly anticipating the fans’ reactions, and all of our members are working hard and preparing for the fan meetings.

Watch the music video for the title track, ‘Trouble’ from EVNNE’s mini-album ‘Target: Me’

All images credit: Jellyfish Entertainment


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