K-MOVIE 'Holy grail' of comics selling for nearly $60K at...

‘Holy grail’ of comics selling for nearly $60K at Moncton store


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A Moncton comic book shop is selling one of the most valuable comic books in existence.

The Comic Hunter in Moncton is looking for nearly $60,000 for a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15.

“It’s up there with the first Superman, the first Batman of the most valuable comics that exist,” said Rémi Vienneau LeClair, manager of the store in Moncton.

The comic book was written in 1962 by Stan Lee. It features the first appearance of the famous hero, Spider-Man.

The web-slinger would go on to have his own series in 1963 and become the most popular hero for Marvel Comics.

The value of the specific issue has fluctuated over the years, but one copy in great condition sold for $3.6 million US in 2021.

According to CGC Comics, that puts Amazing Fantasy #15 as the second most expensive comic book ever. Superman #1 sold for $5.3 million US in 2022. 

Vienneau LeClair says the comic at The Comic Hunter isn’t in nearly as good condition as the copy in 2021, but it still fetches a pretty penny.

“It’s always wild, you hope it’s the real thing,” said Vienneau LeClair. “When someone calls, most of the time, people think they’re sitting on a gold mine and 99 times out of 100, they’re not.”

Vienneau LeClair says when the store bought the book it was already graded, so he knew it was legitimate. Now it’s kept under lock and key, and he only shows it to people who are serious about purchasing it. 

‘The holy grail’

Brad MacDonald was able to get a picture with the book at a comic book show in Fredericton last year, which he says was a great honour. He’s bought a few high-priced comics before, but none nearly as valuable as Amazing Fantasy #15.

“It’s the first appearance of Spider-Man. It’s the holy grail of comic books … As far as Marvel Comics goes, this is the one, this is the book,” said MacDonald, who has been collecting comics for over 30 years and is the web designer for the East Coast Comic Expo.

Brad MacDonald was able to get his picture taken with the comic a year ago at a comic show in Fredericton. (Brad MacDonald)

“It’s so rare to have one around. It was an honour to get my picture taken with the thing.”

MacDonald says rare comic book sales peaked during the pandemic. The most MacDonald has spent on a comic was $2,300 for a comic book that included the first appearance of the Punisher. He also has partial ownership of X-Men #1.

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Fantasy #15 tells tells the story of Peter Parker being bit by a radioactive spider, getting superpowers, and then the death of Uncle Ben.

Since that release, Spider-Man has continued to be one of Marvel’s best selling comics. The popular character has spawned many blockbuster movies, toys, and different comic storylines. 

A grade copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 on display.
A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 has sold for $3.6 million US, making it the second most expensive comic. (The Comic Hunter)

“I always tell people, like, if you want to invest, go to the bank. But if you’re going to invest in comics, buy Spider-Man,” said Vienneau LeClair. “In the 18 years that I’ve been running the shop, it’s been continuously the bestseller for new and old comics.”

He says Spider-Man comics have a broad appeal and balance serious story lines with funny quips. 

“Spider-Man [has] sort of always been number one as long as I’ve been reading comics.”


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