HOLLYWOOD Hispanics & Latinos Still Not Breaking Through In Hollywood...

Hispanics & Latinos Still Not Breaking Through In Hollywood – Deadline


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A new study released by USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative covering the top films from 2007 to 2022 has found that Hispanic/Latino representation both in front of the camera and behind has not improved in 16 years. And even when the community lands prominent roles, they’re usually stereotyped as immigrants or as having low income.

The initiative’s study, released Monday, examined 1,600 top-grossing films from 2007 to 2022 and more than 62,000 speaking characters. It found that there was not one year during that span that all film distributors released at least one movie with a Latino or Hispanic lead/co-lead.

Four of the seven biggest distributors had fewer than 10 films in 16 years with a Hispanic/Latino lead. Warner Bros had had worst record among the studios, per the study, with only three movies featuring a Hispanic/Latino lead or co-lead in the 16-year time frame.

Courtesy of The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

When Hispanics and Latinos are represented on screen, 24.4% of those earning top billing were depicted as immigrants, with the same percentage shown as low income. More than half (57.8%) were criminals, with nearly half (46.2%) shown as violent criminals. Forty percent were depicted as angry or temperamental, and nearly one-third (31.1%) were sexualized.

The studio also revealed that Afro-Latinos are still being ignored. Across 100 top movies of 2022, just one protagonist (Nathalie Emmanuel in The Invitation) was portrayed by an Afro-Latina. From 2007-2022, eight Afro-Latino actors were cast in leading or co-leading roles. That represents less than 1% of all leading/co-leading roles over16 years.

“There is a clear and persistent lack of stories that center on Hispanic/Latino actors and the Hispanic/Latino experience,” said Ariana Case, the USC Annenberg study’s lead author. “Despite the profusion of talent from this community, there is a clear reluctance on the part of the entertainment industry to develop and distribute these stories.”

When discussing intersectionality exclusion, it’s more of the same. Seven Hispanic/Latino characters in 2022 were LGBTQ+-identified, and more than 95% of movies from 2014 to 2022 were missing LGBTQ+ Hispanic/Latino characters. Similarly, only 1.8% of all Hispanic/Latino characters in 2022 were shown with a disability, and 761 of the 800 films studied from 2015 to 2022 did not feature even one Hispanic/Latino with a disability.

Case added, “Hispanic/Latinos are not a monolithic community, but film offers a very narrow picture that does little to communicate how diverse this group is. There is almost no representation of the array of communities that encompass this ethnic group. Few women, few LGBTQ+ Hispanic/Latinos, and very few Hispanic/Latinos with disabilities are shown in film. ”

Few Hispanic/Latino directors or producers worked on top movies. In 2022, four male Hispanic/Latino directors worked across the 100 top films, representing 3.5% of all directors that year. Across 16 years and 1,600 movies, less than 5% of all directors were Hispanic/Latino, and only 5 of these 82 directors were women.

Meaning, less than 1% of all top-grossing film directors from 2007 to 2022 were Hispanic/Latinas. Four directors across the sample were Afro-Latino. The majority of Hispanic/Latino directors (69.5%) were born outside the U.S.

Of the 337 producers in 2022, 11 (3.3%) were Hispanic/Latino; four women and 7 men held this position. This is consistent with the 16 producers (4.2%) who were credited in 2021 and the 6 (2.2%) in 2007. Across 16 years, 3.1% of “Produced by” credits went to a Latino or Hispanic individual. Women represented 21.8% of all Hispanic/Latino producers and less than 1% of producers overall.

For ways to help support Hispanic and Latino talent, read the chart from the study below.

Courtesy of The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

The study was completed by Case, Dr. Katherine Pieper and Dr. Stacy L. Smith with assistance from Zoily Mercado, Karla Hernandez and Samuel Wheeler.


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