K-POP Exclusive Interview With K-pop Breakouts 'POW'

Exclusive Interview With K-pop Breakouts ‘POW’


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POW, the dynamic 5-member global boy group under GRID Entertainment, is all set to make a bold entrance to the music scene with a “bang,” promising an ambitious quest to deliver a refreshing and entertaining experience to global listeners. The group comprises five distinct and unique vocalists who are equally adept at stage performance. Anchored by Yorch, a former child actor and the pre-debut trainee from Thailand, the group boasts an array of talents, including Hyunbin, Jungbin, Dongyeon, and Hong, who collectively carry their distinct and captivating charms.

Their online and offline promotions for the pre-debut single ‘Favorite,’ released on September 13th, mark their initial steps on this musical journey. Following this highly anticipated pre-release, their debut EP was unveiled on October 11th, promising an exciting journey for the latter half of this year. The pre-debut single ‘Favorite’ is a pop-punk genre track that exudes POW’s remarkable energy and charisma. Its catchy melody is bound to leave an indelible memory from the first listen. Just as the lyrics suggest, ‘each of our own colors, they’re different but a great mix,’ the five members seamlessly weaved their synergy and diversity into the song. The members hope ‘Favorite’ will connect global fans and listeners with gleaming memories of youth and innocence.

The recently released first EP ‘Favorite’ consists of 4 unique and catchy songs: Favorite, Dazzling, Slow Dancing, and Amazing.

A Closer Look at the members of POW

Jungbin (Leader and Vocalist): Born on July 22nd, 2003, Jungbin is not just the leader but also a charismatic vocalist. Known for his love for music and dogs, he, along with Hyunbin and Hong, is one of the loudest members in the dorm. A talkative person, if he could, Jungbin would stay up all night chatting with someone, showcasing his sociable and engaging personality.


Yorch (Dancer and Vocalist): Born on April 11th, 2002, in Thailand, Yorch brings a unique blend of skills to POW. Having worked as an actor and model since the age of 10, Yorch is not just a dancer but also a talented vocalist. His hobbies include dancing and soccer, reflecting his passion for both the arts and sports.


Hyunbin (Vocalist): Born on May 29th, 2003, Hyunbin stands out as a positive and talkative member of POW. Preferring singing among dancing, rapping, or singing, he enjoys board games and reading books. According to Dongyeon, Hyunbin’s strength lies in his positive mindset and optimistic outlook, making him an essential part of the group dynamics.


Dongyeon (Dancer and Vocalist): Born on September 26th, 2003, in Korea, Dongyeon is a Filipino-Korean member with a diverse range of interests. Whether it’s board games, dancing, nature, or art, Dongyeon is known for his multifaceted talents. Fluent in English, he adds linguistic diversity to the group and enjoys quiet places indoors with gentle sunlight.


Hong (Vocalist and Maknae): Born on June 23rd, 2005, Hong, the youngest member and vocalist of POW, brings youthful energy to the group. A dog person at heart, Hong considers the members as family. Preferring winter over summer, he used to practice taekwondo as a child. Known for his cute acts (aegyo), according to Dongyeon, Hong’s strength lies in his ability to charm with his adorable gestures.


With each member contributing their unique qualities, POW is poised to captivate the global stage and leave an enduring mark in the world of K-pop.

Check out our exclusive interview with POW!

[Knockturnal] Congratulations on your debut! Your group name is quite unique. What does the team name mean for POW?

[Jungbin] ‘POW’ in English is an onomatopoeic representation of the sound ‘bang!’ The name embodies our aspiration to burst onto the music scene with freshness and excitement. We aim to be a joyful celebration for our fans and the public.

[Knockturnal] You guys just released your first EP ‘Favorite’. What’s the biggest lesson you learned in the process of making this album? 

[Hyunbin] We experienced a plethora of emotions rather than just a lesson. Primarily, we came to understand the immense effort and support required from numerous individuals to create an album. It’s an arduous process, with everyone staying up for countless nights to achieve a shared goal. We recognized the profound impact that each choice we make can have on the collective effort. Additionally, we discovered that having fun is a game-changer. All five of us thoroughly enjoyed shooting the music video, and this genuine emotion was well-translated and evident in the final outcome. Judging by the reactions of many people, it was clear that the enjoyment we had resonated.

[The Knockturnal] What was the most challenging part about preparing for the release of this EP?

[Jungbin] Connecting to the depth of the song was at first a challenge. We recognized that there is still much in life that we haven’t yet felt and experienced. Therefore, it became our challenge to ensure that we were genuinely connecting and expressing the soul of the tracks. Ultimately, we reached the point of success through detailed communication with the A&R team.

[The Knockturnal] What do you want fans to take away from your EP ‘Favorite’?

[Hong] We wish to leave lasting impressions in your memories. 

[The Knockturnal] What lessons have you learned about teamwork from working and living with each other?

[Dongyeon] A team functions with shared respect, consideration, and clear feedback for one another. We’re also very thankful to Jungbin, our group leader, who dedicates a lot of effort to enhance our teamwork.

[The Knockturnal] What is your biggest career goal you want to achieve this year?

[Hyunbin] We would love to perform on a big stage, such as an awards show. How incredible would it be to grace a stage that wraps up the year as a whole? POW could be ingrained in the memories of the entire 2023 audience.

[The Knockturnal] What is one thing about each of you that your fan base should know about who you are as a person? 

[Jungbin] I’m a big thinker, so I tend to invest a lot of time and energy into what I say or do.

[Yorch] I’m a chatterbox, except when I’m with strangers. Please understand that I’m in the process of warming up when I get a little quiet.

[Hong] I’m an affectionate type.

[Hyunbin] Believe it or not, I’m a doer. These days, I’m always thinking about spending as much time as possible with our fans. I’m going to make it happen!

[Dongyeon]  I’m more competitive yet also more affectionate than how I appear at first.

[The Knockturnal] One of my favorite parts about K-pop is how much thought goes into all of the outfits and aesthetics. I especially love the fresh concept of your guys’ Instagram! How would you describe your personal style? And how would you describe the group’s overall style?

[Jungbin]  For me, I want to showcase my bursting energy with just the right amount!

[Yorch]  I love vintage items, and style-wise, I prefer items with loose fits and colors.

[Hong]  I choose looks that compliment my physical features. I like to highlight my looks with a single item like a pair of shoes or a muffler. I find it very unique to draw attention to one spot while neutralizing the rest. But I’m also interested in various styles and referring to other artists.

[Hyunbin]  I try to wear outfits that contrast the mood of my stage looks. That’s why I’ve preferred dark-hued or sharp clothes lately.

[Dongyeon]  For me, I prefer to match the entire outfit to a mood rather than giving one strong point.

[Hyunbin]  Our team inherently exudes a young, boyish spirit, so we’ve been accentuating this point over any manufactured masculinity. Everything is new and exciting for us at this point. Our five distinct characters are well-expressed through different makeup and looks. I’m sure we will showcase a different, new side in our next album.

[The Knockturnal] My favorite track off of the EP is Dazzling. I think it’s such a refreshing song to listen to when I want to relieve my stress. What is everyone’s favorite song off of the ‘EP’ and why?

[Jungbin] I love ‘Favorite‘ the most. I enjoy exercising, and I find that this song gives me an energy boost mid-workout. Besides, we’ve spent the most time dissecting and practicing the track, so I feel that we express ourselves the best with it.

[Yorch] ‘Slow Dancing‘ is my favorite because Jungbin and I participated in writing the song, and personally, I love this type of hip-hop R&B beat.

[Hyunbin] ‘Favorite‘ for me. Our unique charm shines in this track, as it was our pre-release song and, of course, the first-ever track presented to our fans.

[Dongyeon] My favorite is ‘Amazing‘. I feel the energy and power straight from the song whenever I listen to it.

[Hong] ‘Amazing‘. Just the intro itself gives me a feeling in my heart that I can achieve anything in this world.

[The Knockturnal] Obviously you guys’ did an amazing job with the ‘EP’, but aside from your own songs what is one song off of your playlist you would recommend to your fans? 

[Jungbin] The song I’ve been listening to a lot these days is Oohyo’s ‘Dandelion’. Beginning with the title itself, I find myself moved by the lyrics. I’d love to make a cover of it someday.

[Yorch] I want to recommend ‘beside you’ by Keshi. I really love this song and it inspired me to jot down some lyrics of my own.

[Hyunbin] I listen to SZA a lot. I want to recommend ‘Snooze’ – Yorch and I listen to this all the time.

[Dongyeon] One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’.

[Hong] Bryson Tiller’s songs. He’s my favorite artist nowadays. I especially love the beat from ‘Outside’.

[The Knockturnal] What or who inspired you to become an idol? 

[Jungbin] I initially dreamed of being a singer rather than an idol per se. Then, I got scouted by our label. Once I received the offer to audition, I started watching videos of many great idols and became very interested in this path for the first time. I felt it must be wonderful to dance and sing amid cheering crowds, expressing myself freely like them on stage.

[Yorch] I wanted to dance like NCT’s TAEYONG.

[Hyunbin] I first got interested thanks to my sibling. Then, I got hooked and became inspired by TAEYANG’s performances. It became my dream to be an artist who excels in both performance and vocals.

[Dongyeon] I got my first inspiration from watching BTS’s ‘IDOL.’ It struck me how majestic it is to dance on stage.

[Hong] My older sister is a big BTS fan. It was a progressive process for me, from watching many K-pop performances with her to dancing to their choreographies, and so on.

[The Knockturnal] What is your go-to karaoke song?

[Jungbin] 10cm’s ‘Stalker’ and Jung Joon Il’s ‘Hug Me’

[Yorch] Justin Bieber’s ‘Off My Face’

[Hong] Sung Si Kyung’s ‘Every Moment of You’

[Hyunbin] Na Yoon Kwon’s ‘Expectation’

[Dongyeon] Primary’s ‘Baby’

[The Knockturnal] If you could see any artist in concert, dead or alive, who would it be?

[Jungbin] I’d love to see Bruno Mars live. I admire him greatly. I was massively sad to miss his recent concert in Korea due to our pre-debut preparations.

[Yorch] Justin Bieber!

[Hong] I’d love to see BTS.

[Hyunbin] TAEYANG! I loved his songs long before I dreamed of being an idol. I’m starstruck by how he fills up the entire stage by himself with his stage presence.

[Dongyeon] I wish I could have seen Michael Jackson live.

[The Knockturnal] What is one thing you would say to your pre-debut selves?

[Jungbin] Time cannot be bought, so spend it more wisely with no room for regrets.

[Yorch] CHEER UP! You can do it. Many things await you in the future, from more difficult to more joyful. Don’t give up now.

[Hyunbin] Don’t give up and eliminate all laziness.

[Dongyeon] Don’t doubt yourself and be shaken. What you do is the right answer. You are the best.

[Hong] Give your best in everything, Hong.

[The Knockturnal] Where do you guys see yourselves 5 years from now and what do you hope to have accomplished by then?

[Jungbin] I hope we will look back on this period with a smile. I hope all the things happening right now will be remembered as a fun episode in our lives.

[Hyunbin] A world tour joined by POWERs.

[Dongyeon] I’ve started working out recently, envisioning myself as sturdy and firm after five years. Moreover, I hope to have gained better self-awareness by then.

[Yorch] Many concerts and numerous awards.

[Hong] I hope I’m flying all over the world to meet POWERs.

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