HOLLYWOOD Cody Simpson reveals how girlfriend Emma McKeon saved him...

Cody Simpson reveals how girlfriend Emma McKeon saved him from Hollywood misery as former pop star BACKFLIPS on swimming retirement decision


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  • Cody Simpson has explained why he turned his back on Hollywood 
  • Simpson, 26, was a successful musician and hung out with the superstars 
  • He says that swimming and Emma McKeon help him maintain balance 

Cody Simpson has credited swimming and girlfriend Emma McKeon in keeping him grounded as he revealed how he avoided ‘falling in’ following his Hollywood fame. 

Simpson, 26, found fame from a young age as a music star. The Australian rubbed shoulders with Justin Bieber and previously dated superstars including Miley Cyrus. 

But he walked away from that glamorous lifestyle for his other passion – swimming. A national champion as a teenager, Simpson has explained how the thought of swimming competitively again deterred him from ‘falling in’ and experiencing the rock and roll Hollywood lifestyle. 

 ‘I’ve changed 1000 per cent. I’ve changed and grown and evolved in ways I didn’t think possible in the last three years,’ he told News Corp.

‘In my emotional maturity and stability, in my general health and my mental health and well being. I feel fortunate because before, when I was overseas, the thought of swimming again – which remained at the back of my mind – always stopped me from falling too deeply into a lifestyle that isn’t too good for me, and which is very prevalent in Hollywood, especially if you’re young and successful and everything is thrown at you.

Cody Simpson has revealed how Emma McKeon and swimming saved him from misery

Simpson was formerly a pop star, dating Miley Cyrus and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's biggest names

Simpson was formerly a pop star, dating Miley Cyrus and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s biggest names

‘For a second there, I was on the edge. You know, you’re in your late teens, and you have this level of success, and that means you can have everything you want, and anything you want, and it’s intoxicating.

‘But it’s not healthy, and I’ve seen what can happen. Some people never get away from it.

‘They never get away because you’ve had these crazy rushes of dopamine and success is such a drug it can really warp your perspective of reality if you experience it too young.

‘I could have fallen in, but swimming was always there and my family was always there, and I think it was a huge reason why I never went under the way some other less fortunate people do.’

Simpson also said his partner, fellow swimmer Emma McKeon, has had a huge influence on his stability and happiness. 

‘Emma is a huge part of my life, and has been such a positive influence on me in terms of keeping me grounded since we met,’ Simpson added.

‘She is a really calming presence, she has really helped me, and she just impresses me so much, she is such a wonderful person.’

But he says he has now found 'balance' since returning to Australia and meeting McKeon

But he says he has now found ‘balance’ since returning to Australia and meeting McKeon

‘She just inspires me because, you know, I said to her (after Tokyo) a lot of other people who have done what you’ve done would act very differently about this,’ he said. ‘Her humility is so impressive, and it makes me want to be more like that – to be more like her.’ 

Simpson returned to swimming three years ago, with the superstar aiming to compete for Australia at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

He indicated earlier this week that he would hang up his goggles after the summer Games, posting on Instagram: ‘There are only eight months left in my swimming journey’.

However, he has since edited the post to write: ‘Eight months left in my prepartion.

‘For clarity, the reports on my retirement are greatly exaggerated,’ Simpson added.

‘Who the hell knows?’


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