Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and also Shin Jae-ha in new ENA noir

신하균 김영광 신재하 사진

ENA is lining up a brand-new noir called Biography of a Bad guy (roughly equated) for later this year, and also headlining the series we have a trio of leading men: Shin Ha-kyun (Yonder), Kim Young-kwang (Call It Love), as well as Shin Jae-ha (Taxi Driver 2).

Shin Ha-kyun, certainly, is no novice when it involves dark hero duties and also this time we’ll follow his improvement as attorney Han Dong-soo, as he’s connected, lined, and sunk into the deeper world of evil. Although typically level-headed, Dong-soo likewise has ambitions and also wishes that are hiding simply beneath the surface and they at first manifest in his hostile tactics to find tasks. If it suggests earning money, he’s unreserved about even seeing complete strangers behind bars and encourages them to become his clients.

Presumably, this leads Dong-soo to cross paths with Search engine optimization Do-young– played by Kim Young-kwang– who ranks second in a large criminal organization. As a previous baseball player, Do-young doesn’t appear to be a stereotypical mobster. Yet we should unfortunately say goodbye to that mild behavior that we fell for in Refer to it as Love, due to the fact that Do-young has a fondness for viciousness and disorderly madness.

Offered the style, it’s possibly a hard request Shin Jae-ha to not be evil this moment (pretty please?), yet the summary of his character Han Beom-jae is at the very least neutral … for now. His day work is working at a used computer shop, but he’s also a broker for his half-brother Dong-soo, informing him on law cases that might bring in a lot of cash. But when those really situations prompt Dong-soo’s shift to the dark side, Beom-jae is forced to witness his bro’s degradation.

Production for the collection is being led by a team of 4 with manuscripts co-written by Seo Hui and Lee Seung-hoon, while routing is helmed by PD Kim Jung-min (Remarriage & Desires, Bad Guys) and PD Kim Sung-min. ENA’s Bio of a Villain is currently being intended to relay in October.






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